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Heavy Duty SuperTuff® Surface Protector

Trimaco Heavy Duty SuperTuff® Surface Protector

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Trimaco’s Heavy Duty SuperTuff Surface Protector is durable, absorbent, slip-resistant and reusable. Made with an absorbent, impact resistant fabric top, making it easy and safe to walk and work on. The rubber backing is slip resistant and leak resistant to protect all types of surfaces. No tape is needed to keep surface protector in place! Great for all types of floors and counter tops, SuperTuff Surface Protector is perfect for any construction, repair, renovation or paint job. The durable protector can withstand moving equipment, heavy tools, liquids and paints. The absorbent fabric is made from 100% post consumer recycled pet bottles. Multi-surface protection that is made in the USA.

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  • Absorbent, slip-resistant + reusable surface protection
  • Cushioning for impact resistance – protects against dropped tools, materials, etc.
  • Heavy duty surface protection for floors and counter tops.
  • Durable – withstands foot traffic up to heavy equipment
  • Leak resistant and reusable
  • Made from 100% post consumer recycled PET bottles
  • No tape needed, simply roll out, overlap layers and begin working!

36" x 6'
36" x 50'
36" x 100'

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