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7″ Engineered Unfinished White Oak, with 10-1/4″ width option.

7" Unfinished White Oak

Since 1989 PanTim Wood Products has promoted wood products from plantation or sustainable forests. Our 100% vertically integrated production system allows us to manage the entire process from logs to finished product. We manufacture at the closest proximity to the resources using the latest technology and a commitment to the highest yields. These practices allow us to offer high quality, environmentally friendly products at a competitive price.

7" Unfinished White Oak

  • 9-ply with Baltic Birch Core
  • 4mm Country, Prime, & Classic Grade French White Oak surface layer
  • Pre-sanded with 120 grit
  • Also available in 10-1/4″ width

Grades Available

  • Prime
  • Classic
  • Country

Product Range

Species: White Oak

Size: 5/8″ x 7″ x 2′ – 9.5′ RL (H x W x L, nominal)

Sq. Ft./Carton: 28.09

Style: Unfinished

Grade: Country, Prime, & Classic

Edges: Square Edge, T&G

Surface: Pre-sanded, 120 grit

Install: Glue, Float, Staple

Construction: 4mm top, 9-ply Baltic Birch core

Warranty: Lifetime Structural


Live knots up to 1/2″,  dead pin knots up to 3/8″,  no mineral, no cracks, no sap wood.


Few live knots allowed, dead knots up to 3/4″ filled, no crack and splits allowed, minor sap wood, no end splits.


Unlimited live knots, dead knots filled up to 1-1/2″ diameter, or equivalent area, sap wood allowed up to 20% of plank,  mineral, cracks and splits allowed,  no end splits.

Legacy Live Flooring is available in an unfinished 3/4″ solid or a 5/8″ engineered and showcases a cut of lumber known as Live Sawn. This technique has been used for centuries by European craftsmen and will give the floor an old world vibe with a rich mix of grains and patterns. Live Sawn is the most effective method of cutting the log because it utilizes the entire log.   The grain will contain a mix of quarter sawn, rift sawed and plain sawn.  This creates a very unique floor with ample character.




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